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Using task templates

Task templates are your blueprint tasks created by ReleaseLoop. To access them, head to your release page and select a release. Scroll down to tasks and press the template button. 

Task templates are unique because they are automatically assigned to the release you're working on and relative to the release date. 

For example, if your release is out in 3 weeks, the task dates will be appropriate to the release date. 

You'll see a popup appear, which will show you the templates available. Templates must be assigned to a task block. If you've not created a block, check out this doc explaining how. When pressing 'create tasks,' ReleaseLoop will make them in the background for you. 

Here's an example list of tasks that ReleaseLoop created. These are not set in stone; you can change the task names and the date to suit you. But as is, the tasks should be a good enough guide to ensure you don't miss an important goal. Depending on the blocks you have available, these can also be changed. For example, your tasks can be reassigned if you have 'to do,' 'doing,' and 'done.' 

These tasks are also viewable on the main 'Tasks' Kanban board, giving you a higher-level overview of all pending tasks. 

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