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Viewing your label

Once you've created a label, the label will display on a card. Click on it. 

Your label page is a birdseye view of everything happening within your record label. 

Team members: 

Depending on your billing plan, you can bring your team into ReleaseLoop and assign them to your label. For example, you are the label owner and could add your label manager to the label. Both of you will have access to the label's operations. 


The artists section will show you who is on your record label. 

You can also add a new artist by pressing 'Add artist.' This will display a pop-up for you to complete. As you're doing this directly from the label's page, the artist will be added to the label. When you're done, press save, and you'll see them in the list. 


The releases will show all releases on the label you are viewing. You can search if you have a long list. The eye icon will take you to the release page. 


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